About us | BST eltromat France


As a regional service company and 100% subsidiary of BST eltromat International, BST eltromat France handles a wide range of tasks related to consulting, service and sales. The company's sales territory comprises France, the Maghreb, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. On behalf of BST eltromat International, BST eltromat France offers advice and support to companies from the web-processing industries, such as the packaging, paper, film, foil and rubber industries. The company has decades of experience and provides its customers with knowledgeable and reliable consultation.

BST eltromat France was founded in 1984. In addition to its headquarters in Verrières-le-Buisson, it has offices in Strasbourg and Auxerre.

Key Facts and Figures - An Overview of the BST eltromat France

  • More than 30 years of experience on the market
  • Geographically responsible for France, the Maghreb, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • professional consultation through decades of experience

Unique Competencies

  • Ongoing technical consultation in the local language, for the optimization of production processes and the assurance of first-rate product quality
  • Proficient marketing of the BST eltromat International product portfolio, including EMG, BST ProControl and their partners
  • Reliable support through the entire production process, from the initial contact and quote to the order fulfillment and system start-up, and beyond
  • Comprehensive support in the utilization and operation of BST eltromat products in the sales territory
  • Technical support in the local language, on site or by phone, and the coordination and performance of all necessary activities (e.g. repairs, maintenance)

Market Industries