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BST eltromat at All4Pack


Highlights for quality assurance in web-processing production processes at All4Pack

BST eltromat France, a subsidiary of BST eltromat International, will be presenting a portfolio of unique width at this year's All4Pack in Hall 6 (Booth N1). The focus will be on quality assurance in the production of packaging, labels or printed electronics and among other things. The presentations will feature the product segments of web guiding, 100% inspection, web monitoring, color measurement and control, as well as layer thickness and basis weight measurement. The solutions of the BST eltromat cooperation partner Nyquist Systems round off the offering in Paris. Nyquist Systems has delivered the 1000th TubeScan system. At the exhibition the anniversary system "1000th" TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k will be shown.

Highlights for 100% Inspection, Web Monitoring and Color Measurement

BST eltromat will show the iPQ-Center in Paris (increasing Productivity & Quality), which meets the highest requirements regarding quality assurance in wide web applications such as package printing. It encompasses four modules, including iPQ-Check for 100% print inspection, iPQ-View for digital web monitoring, and iPQ-Spectral for spectral inline color measurement. The backbone of this modular solution is iPQ-Workflow, which perfectly links these three systems to create one comprehensive quality assurance process.

In addition to the iPQ-Center, the "thousandth" TubeScan Digital Strobe from cooperation partner Nyquist Systems is another highlight to be seen at the All4Pack exhibition of narrow web applications, such as label printing. This special anniversary system TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k is equipped with an innovative 4k camera technology made in Germany that makes it the first 100% hybrid inspection system worldwide with a resolution of 4k. TubeScan Digital Strobe 4k has a 4k resolution, which has been standard in line-scan cameras for many years, and thus meets the common requirements of high-quality print and surface inspection. This 4k camera will be available as an option for the entire TubeScan portfolio from January 2019. With this option, it will be possible to realize a uniform resolution of 0.1 mm in the common width range of 330 mm and 430 mm on the label market. In special applications, this new technology also opens the way in resolutions of up to 55 μm.

Furthermore, BST eltromat will show the QLink Workflow solution from Nyquist System on a running web. This workflow offers TubeScan users new possibilities for synchronization, data handling, and error editing with relatively low investment. QLink was developed for customers who use TubeScan systems on printing and slitter rewinder. Using the roll protocolls produced by the TubeScan systems on the printing machines, they automatically control the cutting machines and also serve here as independent 100% inspection systems. This means that rolls originating from printing machines which are not fitted with TubeScan systems can be inspected. Furthermore, the systems allow missing label inspection to be carried out on cutting machines and if labels are also punched here those defects can be inspected for too.

The entry level model POWERScope 5000 for web monitoring will also be shown live on a rewinder. This modular system offers consistently high image quality. The electronic and wear-free zoom delivers excellent images of the printed webs, free of distortions, while the high-power LED strobe ensures an even illumination of the webs and a long service life. This allows machine operators to recognize printing irregularities reliably and quickly. The compact design of the camera unit means that the space required is minimal. The system also features an innovative operating concept with intuitive gesture control, similar to the two finger gesture control in smartphones. The user interface is reduced to the key functions for the printers, making it extremely clear and simple to operate. An optional touch screen is available, which combines the display of live images from the printer and operation in a user-friendly way.

Another feauture is the back strobe for the POWERScope 5000 for monitoring front to back register. Equipped with LED units, this strobe is dimmable. This means that less light can be used for thin materials and more light can be used with thick substrates. The design allows for homogeneous illumination of the the web even in the case of larger areas. Pin-sharp image is another function which allows the image resolution to be increased even further, without influencing the zoom value.

Expansion in the web guiding sector
In regard to its web guiding sensors, BST eltromat's focuses will include the CLS Pro 600 digital line and contrast sensor. The color sensors of the high-performance CLS Pro 600 sensor provide precise, non-contact scanning of lines, and also of print or web edges. This enables them to cover a wide range of different possibilities. The combination of high scan rate and high-resolution CCD color line chip guarantees precise guiding of the webs, even when dealing with broken lines or contrasts. The CLS Pro 600 is installed on a CompactGuide web guiding system.

New solutions for offset printers
For offset printers BST eltromat will show the combined demo unit AR 4400 for register control and FSS 15 for color management. BST eltromat has updated the former AR 4000 and the new AR4400 is consisting of a new user interface and allows the well-known precise adjustment of color and front-to back register as well as the reliable control of additional tools. AR 4400 is well known in the market for its short set-up times and excellent user-friendliness, including the real-time, live production images displayed on machine operators' monitors. In combination with AR 4400 the company will present its FSS 15 ink fountain control, which ensures high-precision color settings in all offset printing units. Regardless of the printing width and the number of print units, FSS 15 allows simple handling for quick print preparation. For instance, the new system, designed to meet the highest requirements with regard to color precision, enables offset printers to achieve higher productivity and higher efficiency by minimizing setup times and paper waste.

BST ProControl's transmission sensor and their service offerings
The range of BST eltromat at All4Pack will be completed by the sensor for layer thickness and basis weight measurement from its business unit BST ProControl. The particular highlight in this context will be the PC16S®-wave transmission sensor, which works without ionizing electromagnetic waves. Polymer-based monofilms can be measured particularly accurately and quickly in this way. This sensor can be used without requiring any national or international approval procedures at all. Thanks to its outstanding EMC properties, it ensures interference-free operation, complies with all statutory regulations, and is suitable for cost-efficient use in every conceivable standard application

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