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New Sales Organization


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The sales team of BST eltromat International is now serving the global market under two leaders

Global Sales Director West Siegfried Steggemann and Global Sales Director East Sajid Malik have committed themselves to an even greater focus on the customer

As of June 1, 2019, BST eltromat International has subdivided its global sales into a western and an eastern region. With the dual leadership, the company is giving international sales a boost and putting a greater focus on its customers and subsidiaries all over the world. Siegfried Steggemann (56) has assumed leadership of the western region as Global Sales Director West. In addition to Western Europe, he is responsible for the markets of the American continent and North Africa. Sajid Malik (33) is in charge of the eastern region, which encompasses the other parts of the world (Eastern Europe/Turkey, Middle East, Central and South Africa, Africa, and Asia).